Luxury Yoga and Wellness Resort

Alassari Plantation in Bali Offers A Place to Relax and Unwind

Luxury Yoga and Wellness Resort Designed to Heal the Mind and Body

Wellness tourism is one of the hottest trends in the travel market at the moment. This type of travel encompasses any journey made by tourists who are seeking to improve their well-being as a result of their trip.

According to the Global Wellness Tourism Economy Report, Wellness Tourism is projected to grow nearly 50% faster than overall global tourism. Tourists from all over the world are choosing to focus their travels on health and wellbeing. According to the same study, 17 million travellers identify the goal of their travels as health.

This comes as no surprise. After all, life has become more stressful. Check out this fascinating infographic filled with scary statistics about stress. For example, 48% of people surveyed felt that their stress has increased over the past five years.

Living in our modern fast-paced world tends to fray the nerves, so it’s no wonder that so many people are using their vacation time to recharge and escape.

Recharging and rejuvenating is something that Alassari Plantation in Bali specialises in. This gorgeous resort, set within a private coffee plantation high on a misty mountain in a rainforest, offers a truly outstanding luxury experience. Every element of Alassari is designed to be calming for the mind and soul, from the quiet jungle setting to the superb selection of massage and wellness therapies.


A typical day at Alassari Plantation involves waking up to the sound of birdsong in a spacious traditional wooden Javanese villa, cradled in the bamboo linens of the sumptuous king bed. Guests gaze out over the treetops as they sip fresh juice or local coffee. Morning yoga classes offer a chance to start out the day in a zen state of mind.

The resort offers enough activities to keep adventurous guests busy - from swimming in waterfalls to working out at the gym to walking across the timber-top suspension bridge or curling up in the library with a good book. There are even Balinese cooking and dancing classes available, as well as treks up the mountains and through the rice fields and visits to local communities.

However, there is no pressure to always be doing something at this resort - many guests appreciate the opportunity to simply put their feet up and do nothing at all while enjoying the gorgeous setting. Life can be stressful - it’s nice to know that there are still places in the world where travelers can find a little slice of tranquility to savour.