Alassari Plantation is an invitation to relax and let go, to reconnect with your sensations and to enjoy the gentle flow of nature in the natural mountain rainforest.

The Balinese people have known about the rejuvenating properties of the natural mountain rainforest for centuries. Shinrin-yoku is the name given to the Japanese art of "forest bathing," something that we, and our guests, come to enjoy every day.


A unique experience, a peaceful abode where luxury meets authenticity, Alassari has been built by Australians Craig and Valarie Glenister.



Discover the richness of Balinese culture and its wonderful community. Alassari is fully immersed in the local village of Sarinbuana, with a strong will to support the development of its community, providing resources, training, employment and innovative ideas to improve life conditions of the Balinese people.


Our Family

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Sarinbuana Village Ceremony

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Our Guests

At Alassari we protect and preserve the local environment in many ways...

  • Organic vegetable gardens/use local produce

  • Water sourced from a local spring

  • Replacing hundreds of trees, shrubs and flowers attracting and sustaining more local birds, bees and butterflies

  • Building waterways so as to maintain land stability

  • Environmentally friendly products used

  • Avani Bio paper and PLA (made from corn starch) straws used

  • Recycle non organic waste with local partners

  • All septics are aerobic bio systems (utilising added enzymes)

  • Process organic waste on site

  • Compost system

  • Only use bamboo sheets, bed linen and towels

Alassari Plantation is located in central Bali next to the largest expanse of State and National Parks within the island of Bali.

Our luxury holiday villa retreat is highly rated amongst Bali's luxury hotels and is located 750m up the southern slope on Mt. Batukaru (2,276m²), one of the most preserved areas of natural mountain rainforest on the island of Bali.

Close by is a UNICEF site preserving some of the ancient  rice field irrigation systems. The Plantation overlooks the southern part of the island offering panoramic views of the rainforest, mountains and sea at Jimbaran Bay.