Mt. Batukaru Mountain Top Trek

Mt. Batukaru Mountain Top Trek

IDR 900,000++ per person includes lunch, mineral water and porters.

With an English speaking guide, and starting early in the morning, walk to the top of Mt. BatuKaru.

Gunung Batukaru, sometimes spelled Batukau, is Bali's second-highest mountain at 2,276 m.

It is the highest peak in the Bedugal volcanic area, but is dormant. Batukaru is worshipped by the Balinese,

Batukaru has a large crater, the largest on Bali, but this crater is open at the southern end, allowing the river Mawa to escape. It is this that gives it the name "Batukaru", which means "coconut shell" in Balinese.

Make your way up into the original rain-forest, passing Temple... although tiny this is the most important temple to the surrounding villages.

This trek is for the fit only and takes approx. 9 hours, but the views from the top are 360 degrees, and spectacular.

Time: 9 hours
Fitness level: High

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