Bedugul Lake Sky Tour

Bedugul Lake Sky Tour

Flight time: Approximately 35 minutes
Max payload: 500 kg

Cost: please contact us

With a bus transfer from your hotel to our own private helipad at Taro Elephant Safari park where your helicopter awaits you.

Upon departure we head North West over the surrounding villages of Taro, deep river valleys and beautiful picturesque rice fields of Baturiti. 

We first rise up over the caldera rim of Lake Beratan, which is 1200 meters above sea level, with it’s famous water temple and nearby botanical gardens.

Flying over the lake we then see the the Bali Handara Golf course and its famous mountain lake resort.

We then head to Lake Buyan followed by Lake Tamblingan.

On our return to Taro you will get another opportunity to see all the lakes and their attractions before landing safely back at the Elephant Safari Park where the bus transfer to your hotel awaits.

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